# Marking Time (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere episode 21) As usual, this week's *Horizon* contained both a lot, and nothing at all. I think the entire episode took place inside Queen Elizabeth's throne room, with barely a weapon drawn (just a body pillow, honest). But in truth this show has long been about the politics more than the battles. The first series spent at least ten episodes on Toori figuring out what to do, only setting out to fight for the finale. While we've had some interesting fights with England's representatives, it's negotiations that will really decide Musashi's fate. And this time I was even able to follow them all. Should Musashi ally with England this will make our new faction (presumably either Bavaria or the United Provinces rather than the Holy Roman Empire, given that KPA Italia has an independent existence) unhappy; England's currently-employed mercenaries don't want the trade routes closed as a result. Having Musashi act as mercenaries for them in the fight against the Spanish Armada will protect England but allow Musashi to arm itself. Spain is correct in pointing out the inconsistency of Musashi's position, which Toori dances around. Executing Mary is surely as immoral as executing Horizon would have been, and indeed the ending seems to point to Tenzo rescuing her next episode, possibly by pulling Excalibur Caliburn from the stone. Which would seem to put Musashi on a collision course with England, but of course things aren't quite that simple. Elizabeth cares deeply for her sister, and would surely welcome any way to save her should one appear. Which means once again I'm lost, entirely unsure what will happen next. I guess I should expect that from *Horizon*. [Home](/) <div id="disqus_thread"></div> comments powered by Disqus