# Girl with Not Real Power, Vividred Operation part two in Up Goer Five Writing Girl with not real power shows which think about it too much have a bad past. I really liked *Mai Otome*, which thought about it a bit, but people on other computers don't seem to agree (and love to make jokes about oh noes her really tiny worker things); many more people like its mirror *My Hime*, which is almost happy about not thinking about how the not real power works. In *Pretty Cure* or *Nanoha* we're supposed to just accept the power as part of the setting; sometimes, but not often, the girls think about how to use their not real powers, but they never think about how they actually work. The great different show is *Puella Magi Madoka Magica*, but this is really the different one that shows that they are all the same. Mr Kyubey is supposed to be from space and worried about everything becoming the same, but really the way he can give wishes is not real and can't be real even long after now. *Vividred Operation* is different. It takes something from *Strike Witches* (and is made by the same people), but that show used a past that had girls with not real powers instead of flying cars. Here we see girls with not real powers fighting next to people in flying cars, and both of them are helping each other. The last time I can think of seeing something like this was *Kurau Phantom Memory*, which was not very good. ![The girls are next to the flying car](/vo21.jpg) Some of it looks like *Strike Witches* - especially the powers and bad things. The people and the setting also remind me of *Senki Zesshou Symphogear*, though without any of the dark side; it's a very clean look that really does seem like after now, if after now has everyone being friends to each other (if some people are not friends then maybe after now will look more like *AKB0048*). The people's faces are drawn a bit simply, with more time spent on their clothes, especially after they change into not real power form - a change that's done over a long time with lots of flashes and clothes appearing and disappearing, like not real power should be. I should mention now that this show likes to take time to focus on bits of its girl bodies, especially their asses; the opening shot people have talked about on other computers is quite like many other parts of the show. I hope it is not so bad to mean I can't show it to friends. ![It's like this but more close to her ass](/vo22.jpg) At the moment the people are very normal and happy except the one who is very bad; both are not really interesting, but the show has been about fighting and not talking so far - and when they did talk, to explain why they couldn't go into each other, it was one of the most funny things I've ever seen. The next few parts will probably go like most girl with not real power shows - the opening is clear that as well as red and blue they will have to meet green and (the color of green and red together). I hope we will learn more about the people, and the show will have less asses. I also hope it has a plan to bring together the thinking and the not real powers; if not, it might end up like *Neon Genesis Evangelion*, where there is lots of thinking but it never really all fits together. But *Vividred Operation* could be really good. I've always said that *Divergence Eve* would be a great show if only it didn't look really bad; perhaps this will be the show that does that better. There are many, many things that could go wrong, but there is a lot right about the show so far; the people and setting were so happy that I felt happy myself just watching it, and the flying and fighting is second to none - and I smiled a lot when I saw what the thing the most important person throws at people is. There must be some hope for anything this fun. Thank you to [http://splasho.com/upgoer5](http://splasho.com/upgoer5). Names in side leaning letters are not in the ten hundred words. [Home](/) <div id="disqus_thread"></div> comments powered by Disqus