# Progress Update Halfway through and the year is going well. I'm reasonably settled into my new flat (there are still several things in boxes and bits of furniture I don't have, but I'm sure these will be resolved in due course), and my job at Optimal is awesome. I'm hoping to be able to release an updated version of [deliciouslie](https://github.com/m50d/deliciouslie) with the changes I've made (behind the scenes it's now a mind-melting kaleidoscope of implicits and dependent types - but client code is very simple and we've found a way to make scoping multiple "beans" of the same type reasonably nice. If we could just find a way to bring the compile down to something reasonable it would be perfect) - but we'll have to wait and see if that's approved. Now that moving house is done I've no excuse not to write more. I've not finished much anim&eacute; lately to review, but I'm on the penultimate episode of *Flower of Evil*, and there's plenty to say about that. I've also started a fanfic experiment, but who knows how that will turn out. I never did manage to finish the Kerbal Space Program mission - even that ridiculous whale of a rocket didn't have enough fuel given my (lack of) piloting skills. But I did at least manage to get it into orbit: <iframe id="ytplayer" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/rB8WIWpiA9o?autoplay=0&amp;origin=http://m50d.github.io" frameborder="0"/> [Home](/) <div id="disqus_thread"></div> comments powered by Disqus