# In The Navy (Gundam Seed 12) In which Kira joins up. I liked this episode; it's a great exploration of the effects of war even after one is safely out of combat. And the central device is more plausible than you might think; civilian pilots on "the hump" sometimes had their military status fiddled so that they could carry weapons without becoming francs-tireurs, and retroactive redesignations were not unheard of (the interaction with Kira's previous court-martial is awkward, but again not implausible). The young child with the origami is something of a blunt instrument, but the overall narrative is pretty plausible: debate over whether to attempt to conscript Kira, the random chance that the other students receive their forms while separated from him, Flay taking the initiative and ultimately carrying everyone else along. Hundreds of tiny circumstances that add up to an avowed pacifist signing up - and it works. On the other side, Athrun and Lacus continue their bid for Least Romantic Couple. Rau's reminder to Athrun is at once heavy-handed and gentler than it could have been; he cleverly talks of "Strike" and not the human enemy. I don't remember the ship going to Alaska the first time around - or if it did, I'm not sure how it will get from there to North Africa - but once again we'll see how it goes. [Home](/) <div id="disqus_thread"></div> comments powered by Disqus