# The Other Half (Gundam Seed 20) And now for something completely different. We cut away from the action in the desert to the politics of PLANT, from Kira fighting for his life to Athrun talking to his fiancé. The contrast emphasises their differences, yet also highlights the underlying similarities: with the Coordinator population declining, Athrun's arranged marriage is ultimately also a matter of life and death, of the survival of a way of life. The decisions made around conference tables in orbit mirror those made hiding in caves in the desert. Except none of that is true. While Athrun was talking awkwardly over tea with Lacus, Kira was... talking awkwardly over tea with Cagalli. On paper at least, it's a bizarre pacing decision - following one breather episode immediately with another - and a sign of how little progression this whole arc will contain. And yet, somehow, this time around it worked for me. Maybe the romance seems important now that I know how rare it is for animé to commit this thoroughly to it. Or maybe my tastes really have changed. But either way, I'm more invested in the characters - and less in the robot fights. Knowing that Athrun and Lacus's marriage is arranged puts their curiously flat interactions - and hers with Kira - in a whole new light. That said, the lack of an interesting romance plotline will still be a weakness, unless this remake can really pull something out of the bag. Lacus is too in love with the world to love one person, and Cagalli is a fighter not a lover. And Flay, oh, Flay. I guess when you win this big this early, the only way to go is down. I don't remember whether their current spat is is just a wrinkle or the beginning of the end, but it's sad to see. She cared for Kira, and brought out the best in him. I'd like to see that continue, even if only for a little longer. [Home](/) <div id="disqus_thread"></div> comments powered by Disqus